DAZ-Tutorial: Rendering outside DAZStudio via RIB-File

Here is a fine possibility to render graphics with DAZStudio and 3delight extern.
This has the advantage that you can work in DS while 3delight is rendering and you are not blocked.
(But be careful: in my tests 3delight sometimes has problems with some light (UE) and too complex scenes.)

Here are the steps:
  1. First the main important thing: the Render from 3delight must be compatible / the same version as the version that is in your DAZStudio-Version implemented.
    It doesn't work when the version on the 3delight-site is newer.

  2. Go to www.3delight.com and load the full working version down:

    It seems not to be so important which version you choose because none of them is directly for DS and you don't need all files that come with.

  3. ... or go direct to http://www.3delight.com/en/index.php?page=3DSP_download

  4. Install the exe-file. I installed it to F:\Program Files\3Delight

  5. Modify your render-settings:

  6. In my experiment i was not able to input a filename 3delight.rib - only select the directory - , so i had to create a dummy-file with a text-editor and then let it be overwritten by the rendering-process.

  7. Write a batchfile, for example "render.bat" with the following: (my graphics and the rib-file are in F:\DAZ_temp)

    CD F:\DAZ_temp
    "F:\Program Files\3Delight\bin\renderdl.exe" 3delight.rib

    This file calls the renderdl.exe in the path where you have installed the 3delight-render.
    So you don't have to leave your graphic-directory!


  8. Till here it is the prework of installing and configuring.
    Now begins rendering:

  9. Hit the render-button. This will take only a few seconds and the rib-file (here "3delight.rib") exists.

  10. Open a DOS-Box at the current directory and call the batch-files: render.bat


  11. While 3delight renders a tiff-file with name render.tiff you can preview this files if you have a good preview-programm like the old picaview (o i miss it very much) was.

    In my current windows always photoshop tries to run when i click on preview (in windows-explorerer with the right mouse-button) and photoshop breaks with an error-message.

  12. Now you have the following files:

    the temp.jpg is created by daz, but it is "empty", only a black file.

  13. when your scene is too difficult for 3delight (i don't know the reasons) an error-message like the following may appear:

    This may be bad because your render could be not successful and may have some errors. Check the tiff-file.
    In most cases you can ignore these error-messages.

  14. I didn't try it at the moment, but in an older version i was not able to close DAZStudio during the render-process.
    Otherwise the rendered file was not rendered correct.
    It seems that the render-process needs informations from DAZStudio, but you can work in the scene during rendering.

  15. If everything goes well you should see your render in the tiff-file.
    You may convert the tiff-file to jpg with a graphic tool.

  16. This way of rendering is a little bit faster than rendering in daz direct, but it is sometimes a bit buggy.
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