Attention! Both, the RTE-Encoder and the rte-zip-file for the Horse is not available any more and so the download of these 2 tools doesn't work any more :-(
I tried to contact crblackthorne but the mail came back as not deliverable.
The RTE-Encoder seems to be renewed but i don't know when and i do not believe that this will happen.
I don't know whether i am allowed to do these 2 tools on my website, you can contact me.

Using Millenium-Horse-1 skins at Horse 2

I have bought Horse 2 base because it was a cheap offer in one day at the daz store and i didn't need all the expensive things that come with the bundles. So i bought only horse2 base.
But unfortunately i noticed later that there are only 3 skins for horse2 base and the other skins are only in the expensive bundles and daz doesn't sell them separately, the support told me  :-(
So what to do?

One method that worked was to copy and edit an existing skin in Photoshop and applay it with the surface-tab. That works well, but there is a way to use the old Millenium-Horse1-Skins too:

First go to and load the rte-file "Horse 2 Mil Horse UV and" down.

Then go to and load the RTE-Encoder. There is a tutorial on this site how to use it, but it doesn't explain all steps.

Start the rte-encoder:

and click on "File - Decode"

Choose the downloaded rte-file:

The rte creates a zip-file with all infos for Daz-Studio. At the next step the rte wants to know where he can save it.
You have to tell him a foldername. It is not important where this folder is, because the rte only saves it's zip-file there.
The rte suggests a good and correct name for this file.

Next thing it needs is the correct key-1-file. This is the obj from Millenium-Horse 1.

You find it in your content\Runtime\Geometries\DAZAnimals - folder. On my computer
it is in the old DAZ-3 folder structure, in Poser-Geometries.

After clicking on "finish" you have a zip - file with the following content:

in this screenshot there are the folders Animals and data as the content of "Horse 2 Mil Horse UV and"

Unzip them in your My DAZ 3D Library or where your Horse 2 is saved:

Then start DAZ and load your Horse 2:

It would be nice if you could go now to your MilHorse1-MAT-Folders and add the skin by doubleclick, but unfortunately this doesn't work:

Make sure that Horse2 is selected and go to the surface-Tab and click on the left small icon on the diffuse-panel:

Go to content\Runtime\textures\DAZ\Animals\MilHorse. You see something like this here:

Select one of the files that is a skin for the body, for example MHBodyBayM.jpg. Try it.

Last what you have to do is to change the UV-Set to Millenium-Horse.

Now you can use the old skins on horse 2 :-)

Have fun!

Now you can safe the material as Material-Preset in a folder and next time you can add the skins with double-click :-)

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