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    I loaded a graphic into DAZ Studio, applied a basic Iray shader, selected the texture map, but then when I rendered the scene, the texture looks terrible! The lettering should be black with a red outline, not speckled.


    In the render tab go in advanced and look the threashold. Be sure it's at least 2048. if this is at 512 or 1024 you have this sort of ugly things. You can also put the maximum at 4096.
    Maybe you can test with the "render quality" at 2 in the "progressive rendering" option in the render tab.

    What shall i do when i have been using maps that are 8192 sized. Should I make that the max?

    Daz or the iray processing must compress or resize the bitmap if your render size is not at least bigger than 8192.
    Try to resize your bitmap to 4096 and do a rendering in 1092x1080 or 1280x720 (with of course 2048 at least in threshold)


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