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  1. Bookmarks and scripts are destroyed
  2. Camera in wrong place when loading a scene (1)
  3. Camera in wrong place when loading a scene (2)
  4. Opening duf-files
  5. Problems with rotating a great scene that is not at 0/0/0
  6. The background is an HDRI or an image. How do I get the person in the water?



    1. Place the plane on the scene.
    2. Place the plane just below knee height, add glass shader, refraction value at 1.33.
    3. Then put a prop with the water rings from Spacebones or Sickleyield or someone else on it.
    4. Adjust the height of the rings so that they lie on the surface.
    5. Then cover the rings with the same shader as the water and reduce the opacity of the rings.
    6. Then retouch the hard edge that is in the promo as postwork.
    7. Place a normal map on the water surface. Also available as a freebie on textures-websites.

    HDRI is a freebie from Texturehaven, the water rings are available as a freebie from shareCG.

    Image is a promo-image from Orestes and DAZ-Studio.


    Hans Basner


    Facebook - Deutsche DAZ Freunde