DAZStudio - Tipps & Tricks

  1. Creating 360°-Images with DAZStudio and Facebook
  2. Disturbing colors in SY's waters
  3. Eyes disappear at G3M in Iray
  4. Lightgeometry is visible in the scene


    In the iray-scene are suddenly black rectangles or other shapes appearing, although apparently nothing is placed in this place.


    Select the spotlight in the scene and turn off the render emitter in the light tab.


    Nancy Yetter Schultz + Esha


    Facebook - DAZStudio Artists


  5. No bubbles available
  6. Rendering without shadows in iray
  7. The background is an HDRI or an image. How do I get the person in the water?
  8. Using 3DL-Fire in iray
  9. Using N.G.S. Anagenessis for Gen3 on the genitals
  10. Using N.G.S. Anagenessis on other figures
  11. Wet skin on G8